VEENA VENU ART FOUNDTAION is an initiative Veena Sadhika Dr.Radhika with vision to save and Promote Indian Art and Culture.

“There is only one Supreme power in this world which controls the universe and that is Sound!”
Music with its instantaneous pleasing effect can be an answer to misery. We respect our tradition , Encourage Innovation , and do lots of creation. This is Veena Venu.

Our Mission

  • Promotion of Indian Classical Vocal Music ,Khyal Gayaki and Dhrupad .
  • Promotion and preservation of Rare Indian Musical Instruments i.e. Vichitra Veena ,Surbahar ,Rudra Veena ,Sarangi, Israj ,Mayuri Veena , Jodi Pakhawaj ,Pakhawaj.
  • Promotion & Popularization of Indian Instruments like Sitar ,Santoor, flute ,Tabla and more
  • Preservation of Indian Music , art and culture by giving training of Indian music with Gurushishya Parampara & new age technology and teaching methodology .
  • Promotion and nature of Indian artists by providing them stage , opportunities and basics of life under Sankalp mission .

Why Us?

  • More than 1000 Students have enrolled for different courses.
  • 25+ Courses.
  • Opportunities for All.
  • Certification, Free Learning material.
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“Thank you for the excellent service”

Awesome Infrastructure, Best Pro Instruments Moreover best Guru to train here. Specially for those who wanna b Pro from nothing.

Einstein Said:A teacher Informs, a better one Trains but the best one Transforms.

It’s not we who do it, it’s the GURU who make us.

find and play yours music – not of others

Navneet Yadav

I always get a positive vibe whenever am in Veena Venu art foundation .There has been a progressive change in my voice as well as in my confidence , before my high notes were not upto the mark now I can take high notes easily and comfortably.There is always a peaceful atmosphere in the foundation. I am very happy that I found such a foundation where everyone is getting trained in a good manner. I like the way Dr Radhika Umdekar Ma`am Teaches us .Very Proud to be a part of Veena Venu Art Foundation.


I feel Veena Venu Art foundation best music school in whole Mumbai .Dr.Radhika the director has done doctorate in Music.She is a famous performing artists having full knowledge of music. Foundation has their own syllabus and books for one and two year courses for vocal and instrumental .The course designed in such a way that any beginner and advance learner can learn and understand true music ,and can be a professional musician.After completion of course they also provide a certificate. I was not having any knowledge of Music.though I was very interested in singing . After joining I started experiencing changes in my singing . Dr.Radhika not only taught me singing she also taught how to produce voice and voice modulation techniques. Now I am able to understand how I am singing ,How to sing ,What to sing. I am seeing my singing is getting better and better everyday . I am really thankful to Dr.Radhika and Veena Venu Art Foudnation.


If you truly want to learn classical music then this is the place. Faculty here is very supportive, and they start teaching from the basics of the skill that you wish to learn. This is the only place in Navi Mumbai with such qualified teachers. You can enroll here to learn from a wide range of musical instruments- from Vichitra Veena to Sarangi and also for vocal coaching. Best part of this place is that the faculty here invest ample amount of time on each student based on student`s learning ability. But unless the student spends required amount of time on practicing the skill he wants to learn no teacher in the world can teach it to him. So be patient and keep working. Cheers!


I joined veena venu art foundation in 2019 and have completed 1 year. I joined the classes to pursue as a hobby but over the year and under guidance of Dr. Raadhika ma’am, have understood the importance of hindustani classical music. under her guidance and support from the senior students, we are able to grasp the concept and techniques of classical singing with ease.

one of the major advantages is freedom but with discipline. The classes and various projects help you explore the hindustani classical music in-depth and allows you to share the knowledge with others in a simple way.

Yashas Bhand

I joined veena venu art foundation in February 2019. I’m learning Saraswati Veena from the foundation. Since then it’s been my home, my go-to place. Each and every person associated with veena venu art foundation has such a welcoming personality. And ofcourse the karta dharta of the foundation Dr. Radhika Umdekar. Dr. Radhika is more than a teacher to all of us. And every student at the foundation will agree to this. Undoubtedly she is a brilliant teacher, but she inspires us to be a better person. Her constant efforts to preserve Classical Hindustani Music makes her stand out from everyone. She always goes out of her way to teach us. I urge anyone and everyone to join veena venu art foundation if you are really interested in music.

Gayatri Kapse

Liked This Class Alot As Teachers Pay Personal Attention And Teachers Are Friendly And Understanding Too. Particular In Teaching And Making Understanding Too About What Are The Fundamentals Of Music.


It’s the best class for meditation. It’s very helpful in developing great thoughts. I found peace of mind, actual happiness after joining these classes. Radhika mam is really the best teacher. She teaches as well as understands people very well. Thank you mam.

Nisha Singh

Veena Veenu Art is the finest music institute in Navi Mumbai provides all types of instrument training, vocal, music therapy and dance etc. The institute provides for highly trained professionals with a high level of understanding on the subject, practice and professionalism. Emphasis is given more on clarity on the subject and practice.

I highly recommend the music lovers to try out here for their creative side.

Rabindra Mohan Das

This is my first time I have ever joined Vocals. I have just completed 1.5 months here and have learned a lot. I am very much sure that I will learn more and more here within a short period of time. All credit goes to my Teacher “Dr. Radhika Ma’am”.

Manish Mohite

I’m a student of Veena venu art foundation who is learning to play sitar. I came to know about this institute from justdial. My main concern while searching for a tutor was to be sure that the tutor is an expert in his/her art and should be able to deliver the same equally nicely. Now the fact that Radhika Maam is the 1st female vichitra Veena player in the world is out there in Google but what is not there is how good she is in other instruments as well. It is a visual and mental treat to watch her play sitar… She is so good that she creates an inspiration in you to learn and play good. She gives individual attention to each student. I hope I will also b able to play sitar really nicely someday n vl continue my practice till that n even after…

elina mishra

I’ve been training under veena venu art foundation for almost a year now, learning hindustani classical and i get better and better after every session I attend here! There has been a massive change in my voice and am privileged to have a guru like Dr Radhika Ma’am. She is the best and always helpful in nature! Be happy and keep the Music Alive!

Razik Mujawar

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Bhavesh Sonar

Before joining the class I never knew what music was. When I joined I came to know about music. I am learning vichitra veena and vocal here. Vichitra veena is a rare instrument used in hindustani music. Dr. Radhika ma’am has done a PHD in this field. She is the only lady in the world to play this instrument. When I see her I get motivated to do a career in this field. When I am with her in class I get immense knowledge from her about music. She is the best Guru in this world.


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