Gone are the days when women used to be home confined and constraint. Now they are at par with all the facets of life, Also there are many more who want to be joining the powerful, successful, self-reliant . 

But they need  an extra support and we at Aarohi the women empowerment Group do that by training, Grooming and Providing information. We Aarohi Women empowerment Group organize workshops, seminars and events specially for women . For women in Music we have organized several competitions and concerts . We also honor women for their achievements on every women’s day with “Durga” , “Navdurga” “Vidyadurga” Samman from every field .

 We have experts, Counselors, doctors and lawyers to help in our good cause.

A study says that almost 94% women sacrifice their career for child birth, 77% women sacrifice their career due to spouse relocation, 71% sacrifice during pregnancy , 67% sacrifice for marriage. Huge percentage isn’t!

Just think on how half of the population stops potential working due to family reasons and social pressure. In this scenario when almost half of the population of empowered women willingly move out of the work field and give up all the dreams of being successful, how can we dream about a developed nation?

Noticeable fact is that 77% women feel they could have continued working with flexible working hours options. A situation which would be serious to be ignored. I guess you all agree to this.

There are women who can take up job to get steady income, better living standards, less dependency and run their families comfortably.

What if I say that there is a light out there with endless opportunities which you can grasp and live your dream life without making much changes in your current setup – You can live your passion

You can be a writer, dancer, singer, photographer, actor, human resource professional, take marketing job, etc. You can also be a trainer or be a counselor or a housewife or an entrepreneur or be a student or an employee and even employer!

 We Aarohi the women empowerment group invite you to join us and be with us in our initiative WOMEN OF POWER supported by Veena Venu Art Foundation.

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