1. Regular Classes for Music, Dance, Meditation, and Art And Craft
2. Regular Music therapy sessions based on Indian Music.
3 Student’s concert & presentations by providing opportunities to students in different concerts ,shows, different channels ,social media platforms. We take their interviews, make videos and help them with best career options to choose from.
4. Swar Samwad -Discussions  and presentations on music on a regular basis
5.Durga Samman- Honour the power of the women every year
6.Knowledge Workshop to enhance knowledge of Music and Arts
7. Awareness Programs  for awareness through workshops of various dance and music forms
8. Lecture & Demonstration- Session
9. Competitions-Different art and music competition
10. Publish Veenapani E Magazine with essays on music theory, music history and interviews of artists. Special columns for rare instruments, instrumentalist, rare vocal styles and rare arts.
11.Organising music lecture ,music therapy sessions, concerts for orphanage kids, elders in old age home and needy women