Unmasking the Scam: Superficial Teaching of Raags and Songs in Music !


Prepare to have your eyes opened to a distressing reality lurking within the realm of Indian classical music. A cunning scam has emerged, deceiving students into learning raags and songs without truly grasping the foundational principles and depth of this revered art form. Brace yourself as we uncover the consequences that unfold when individuals succumb to this fraudulent approach, forsaking the essence of music for quick fixes and shallow techniques


Innocent individuals often fall into the trap set by music education businesses, blindly purchasing raags and songs without truly comprehending their profound meaning or the true essence of learning music. It’s essential to understand that the purpose of learning music extends beyond the mere surface level, and it involves delving into the depths of musical expression, exploring the nuances of raags, and embracing the transformative power that music holds.

By avoiding the shortcuts and quick-fix approaches offered by profit-driven enterprises, aspiring musicians can seek authentic musical guidance. It is crucial to find mentors who not only teach the technical aspects but also nurture a deeper understanding of the emotional and spiritual dimensions of music.


Raags aren’t just melodies; they are enchanting stories told through notes. But when students skip the basics, they fail to grasp the melodic intricacies, tonal shades, and emotional expressions hidden within each raag. So, they end up with flat, mechanical renditions that are more like a robot playing music rather than a true artist pouring their heart out.

Neglecting the basics in Western music education can have adverse consequences for students. Without a solid understanding of foundational elements such as music theory, scales, and technique, they face difficulties in navigating songs, playing chords, and composing music. It’s like building a house without a sturdy foundation – it’s bound to crumble. By skipping the essential groundwork, students miss out on the tools and knowledge needed to express themselves artistically and explore the vast world of Western music. Emphasizing a strong foundation ensures a solid musical journey and sets the stage for growth, creativity, and mastery in the realm of Western music.


What’s even more unfortunate is how some students robotically memorize bandish, songs  and taans ,without a clue about their meaning or musical context. It’s like they’re stuck on repeat, chanting the same old tunes without infusing their renditions with any personal touch or creative spin. Indian classical music and music of any country, deserves better than a mindless playback loop!


Beware the unscrupulous profiteers lurking in the shadows. They see music education as a business opportunity, peddling enticing shortcuts and catchy marketing strategies. These charlatans promise instant mastery, offering bite-sized courses, convenient payment options, and the ability to learn multiple raags or songs in record time. There are institutions out there that care more about their pockets than nurturing genuine musicians. They lure students with flashy promises of quick expertise – short term courses, easy payments, and a buffet of raags and songs in a jiffy. But the real music journey isn’t about ticking boxes; it’s about embracing the sacred tradition of Guru-Shishya Parampara.

Awakening the Inner Musician:

Let’s get real, Music isn’t just about cramming and showing off a fancy repertoire. It’s an art – a spiritual journey of self-discovery and boundless exploration. We need to break free from the commercial traps.


In this labyrinth of deceit, a glimmer of hope shines through. Artists who have traversed the path of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, who have experienced the depth of raags, taals, bandish, and the art of composition, strive to expose the truth. They tirelessly advocate that music is far more than mere scales, taans, or a checklist of songs. They emphasize the importance of mental peace, urging students to seek genuine gurus who can guide them on a transformative journey of understanding and self-discovery.


So, let’s raise our voices against the superficial trend. It’s time to embrace the true spirit of Indian classical music and in music as – a lifelong commitment, an unwavering dedication, and a heart that beats for the art. At Veena Venu Art Foundation, we pride ourselves on providing in-depth education that goes beyond mere profit-making. Our commitment is to impart honest and authentic musical learning, focusing on nurturing a strong foundation for our students. We believe in the transformative power of genuine education, ensuring that our students delve deep into the essence of music, guided by experienced mentors who prioritize the art over commercial interests

Embrace the blessing of being a part of Veena Venu Art Foundation! Our institution stands as a beacon of truth and honesty in music education. We are fortunate to have found a sanctuary where the spirit of music thrives, untouched by the scams of superficial learning. Let us carry this blessing with us, awakening others to the truth and liberating them from the grasp of fast and easy music education. As torchbearers, we have the power to make a difference and bring forth a community of passionate musicians committed to the genuine pursuit of musical excellence.