Dra-Geetam Musical Dragons and Sitar

It’s important to promote Indian classical music in various ways.Our Director Dr.Radhika VeenaSadhika had been continually doing the same.One such invention of hers to promote Indian classical music is Dra-Geetam. Dra -geetam is inspired from the traditional snakes and ladders game and involves dragons instead of snake and sitar instead of ladder. This game summarises the learning journey of a Indian Classical music student , starting from swars , alankars , raags ,taan ki taiyaari, improvisation of Aalap and bandish , difficult and rare raags to Different aspects of performance .In today’s world many people believe that music can be learnt very quickly and they believe in attempting short term learning and getting instant fame .

This game has been developed to spread awareness and to build understanding amongst people that music especially Indian classical music cannot be learnt quickly , there are many levels to it which you need to cross in order to be able to perform.
It was first launched on 3rd April 2022 , in our event Music Fiesta. Many people enjoyed this game , and learnt a lot about Indian classical music. Not only this , we had created many more games to create understanding about Indian classical music.
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