Inner Hormony – A Musical Retreat Designed Specially For Women

Join us for Inner Harmony – a unique retreat designed specifically for women to help them break free from the monotony of daily life, get in touch with their inner self and re-ignite the passion to follow their dreams! During the workshop, we will engage in Music Therapy which is a scientific method of healing through Music. It restores, maintains & improves physical, emotional & psychological well being. Music Therapy incorporates many different elements such as making music, writing songs, composing or passively listening to Indian Classical Music or even playing Musical Puzzles or Games. Every person’s need & response to Music Therapy is Unique. (Progress varies from person to person, openness to trying new things & level of participation.) Date : Last week of May 2019 Time : Full Day Venue : Vashi / Sanpada Facilitator: Dr. Radhika Umdekar For details, call : 9833703592

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About Facilitator:

Dr. Radhika is the first woman artist in the world to master playing the Vichitra Veena. Grand Daughter of the renowned vocalist late Pandit Balabhau Umdekar from the court of Gwalior Gharana. Dr. Radhika has been learning classical singing, Sitar and Vichitra Veena under the guidance of her father Pt. Shriram Umdekar who himself is an excellent Sitar and Rudra Veena player. Simultaneously she is also learning Vichitra Veena under the proficient guidance of renowned Mohan Veena player Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.
Dr. Radhika has mesmerized her listeners with her Vichitra Veena performance in many seminars in India and world over. She has Given Many Concerts in India and abroad and successfully conducted workshops and lectures on Indian Classical music and Fusion music in the countries far and wide. She has offered an inimitable contribution to Indian Classical music with her magnificent recitals on various television channels. Several articles, poems and stories have been written by her on the topics such as classical music, Indian music and various social issues are being published in different news publications and magazines. She is the director of Veena Venu Art Foundation which provides training of Indian Classical and Semi-classical music. She is also the founder of Aarohi Women Empowerment group which provides a boost to the women by training, grooming and providing information to the women of different sects of society.
Dr Radhika has intricate knowledge of music. In her musical journey she has done an in-depth research about the healing impact of music. Music can have profound impact on our body and brains and help improve our mental and physical state in various ways. She has conducted multiple music therapy sessions which have helped individuals reduce the stress and anxiety levels and move ahead in life to pursue their dreams without getting affected by any issues in life. These sessions have also helped people to cure serious illnesses like brain haemorrhage, ADHD, etc. She has also conducted many meditation sessions which have acted as a healer for people attending these sessions.

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