“Masterclass”- The 2020’s Scam

Masterclasses are a Scam. A very big Scam.

Master Classes of all kinds did exist on the internet till a few years back , but it was only when the pandemic hit that this trend of conducting masterclasses had a rise.
These Masterclasses can be on a variety of topics , be it health, business, beauty or even Music.
The main aim of these masterclasses is to get people enrolled in their courses , which is why you may observe that none of these masterclasses are charged or have very little charge(99,199 INR) , and this is purely because they are wanting to get a larger amount from you towards the end of the Masterclass.
I have personally attended many such masterclasses , in order to learn something new just like all others and yet each and every time have fallen prey to their Sales Tactics.
You must have also observed that when these masterclasses are advertised on any social platforms they all have a very similar title and are always said to be conducted by self proclaimed successful; Businessman , Dieticians , and Musicians.
The titles can be as follows:
I have earned 20 Lakhs in just a week ! Even you can .
Work Smart not  Hard ! Join masterclass to know more.
Reach out to 1 lakh people in just 3 days
Learn Basics of music in just 1 hour
Learn Singing in 1 hour
Music Crash Course in 120 Minutes
Learn 3-4 raags in 2 hours
Learn Morning Raags in 2 hours
Eat this diet and lose 25 kgs in 1 month
Join this Masterclass to lose 10 kgs in 1 week
You may even join a Masterclass , thinking and knowing that the person conducting the class is very well known and is reputed , only to further find out that they will all be selling you courses, diet plans, and business plans.
These Masterclasses are nothing less than demo classes. However to hide the fact that it is a demo class a very fancy name has been given to it “Masterclass” which also allows them to fool people.
These Materclasses give you a small preview as to what shall be taught and covered in the courses, and that is how they waste the initial 1 and a half hour.
They all follow the same template , and use the last 30 minutes to only convince you to join their course , invest in your future. They show the actual value of the course to be more than 30k or 95k and as an offer only for you right now , they sell it for less than 6k and also additionally provide you bonuses and freebies. They then all share a payment link and give you 10-15 minutes to make the payment.
They all start the classes with an introduction which takes 20 minutes , followed by top 3 mistakes or 5 mistakes people make , which takes up 30 minutes again , and then followed by a preview of what all they shall teach , a small demo of the same , then followed by Continuous requests to join the course.
They would also claim that their huge amount of course fees is valid as they shall share with you “INDUSTRY SECRETS”.
When it comes to trusting these masterclasses and joining the course , let me just inform you , their success, their industry secrets , their expertise and positive reviews are 99% of the time fake and just part of flashy marketing.
Which is why , one must join courses after much consideration , so as to not get forced to join a particular course due to a masterclass.
They will force you into thinking this course is for you. But you have to understand and explore , they shall do so as they want to earn.
And it really doesn’t make sense to pay huge sums of money only to learn from recorded videos , which can be found on youtube, It is always better to learn from Online Live Classes and Offline Classes from Reputed Institutes who don’t require advertisements and marketing to show their value.
To conclude, don’t waste your time and definitely your money in such Masterclasses where you will not get anything.
– Yours Truly,
Musical Madhura

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