Mission & Objectives

*नादाधिनम जगत सर्वम*

  • To be the most authentic art and music training institution in India.
  • To create awareness regarding music and its training related to various Indian art forms .
  • To provide deep understanding of our cultural heritage specially music, arts and dance.
  • To provide the proper training of Indian Classical Vocal and Semi Classical styles.
  • To create artists.
  • To train students for best playback singers, instrumentalist, music arrangers & composers.
  • To provide training of Indian dance forms.
  • To  promote innovation and creation in the fields of Indian classical music, instruments and dance.
  • To promote the research through deep understanding of concept and theories.
  • To transfer the heritage of Indian Classical music  and  encourage writing  skills of Indian music and arts.
  • To promote the rare Indian musical instrument in particular Vichitra Veena, Sarangi, Shahnai, Sarod, SurbaharRudra Veena and others.
  • To train students of Indian Classical Vocal in Khyal  & Dhrupad.
  • To promote Indian Values and morals by creating awareness of scientific perspective about music and dance.

Meet Our Teachers

Teaching Staff


Rejuvenation of emotions, love, kindness, humanity, spirituality among Indian youth through musical teachings.
Resurrection of Indian arts, Culture, Musical Instruments, Music styles,Dance by providing special training to all Indians.
Promotion of Indian Artists by organizing Concerts and Baithaks .
Expansion of Vocal Music, Rare music, Indian film music, rare instruments, rare music styles and rare arts by taking workshops and lecture demonstration.


Extension of divine musical relations and making a new joyful, harmonious, wonderful extended familiar environment for them who are alone and part of either orphanage or old age home.
Preservation of health and cure for diseases by giving Music therapy, teaching Music meditation, music healing, Music therapy concerts in hospitals.
Education of Music Without any fee for those who are declared as underprivileged by Indian Government.
Popularization of our rich traditions like ‘GURU-SHISHYA PARAMPARA’ in all school colleges and universities.
Introduction of new musical talents with stalwarts and legendry musicians by together on a single stage.Preservation of Indian archival music by establishing musical libraries.

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Visiting Veena Venu Art Foundation


India is the nation of knowledge. Having indepth knowledge, for thousands of years we were the center to impart great knowledge and wisdom. The brightest aspect of Indian culture is the Guru Shishya Parampara. The Guru is an intellectual person on the earth. They think that to impart education is the best deed as keeping knowledge to one self is considered as stagnancy of it, so they give and impart this eduction to coming generation, which keep them alive in their memories for ever as a GURU.

The Guru is the only person who imparts best knowledge.The Shishya strive hards to get the knowledge from Guru. The Shishya respects the GURU and treats them next to GOD.
Indian Music is so deep that it can only be attained by following Gurushishya Parampara A person who is dedicated , disciplined, passionate and hard working can only be the great musician. A person has to get knowledge from Guru each and everyday in order to be a successful artist and musician. Learning in a school and getting degrees can never guarantee anyone to be a singer, dancer, instrumentalist or artist.
Veena Venu Art Foundation has been following and will always follow the tradition of Gurushishya Parampara.


At regular intervals we conduct tests and take reviews for ongoing improvements. After the completion of course, we provide with degree/ diploma certificates.