Music Education now a days !

There was a time when music education was very divine .Now a days it’s a BUSINESS. One can see total commercialization in music education sector. Big banners ,big marketing, attractive offers,100% refunds if not satisfied ,Free trial classes, Structured and impressive course details and supplements, Short period certificate courses, performance opportunities from very first day of joining class or at very beginner level etc. etc.
Please understand a guru who has devoted his full life in riyaz of music ,who have never touched social media, who doesn’t have any marketing skills, who don’t even have tons of rupees to give it to social media marketing company to create his brand value, how can he prove his capabilities as wonderful guru and great musician !?
Commercial companies have started their music academies, their own learning courses, most of them can’t even sing Sa Re Ga Ma in tune ! Many teachers are just Visharad or having B.A M.A degree from any institute with NO deep knowledge and understanding of Indian classical music and without any traditional training under any prominent Guru. They teach what they know !  A complete makeover of music teacher in photographs and videos can be seen. A very attractive landing page and description and a fat course fee ! Indian classical music education is now BUSINESS !!!
But yes by the grace of God we still have time in hand, before making music a 100% profit making BUSINESS for big companies or commercial platforms we have time to rethink ,time to ask questions, time to understand that music is not one beautiful landing page of advertisement, it’s not a beautifully designed website ,it’s not just getting certificate ,it’s not BIG NAME ,it’s not giving money and purchasing product ! So next time when you see such advertisements don’t fall for the trap of free demo class, certificate, refund. Find a great institute where you can learn directly or under guidance of great Guru. Who may not have big budget website ,no million views videos ,no publicity but who can teach you real Music.
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