Veena Venu Award 2023 – Nominations Open

Renowned musician Veena Venu Ratan has unveiled the prestigious Veena Venu Award for 2023, a coveted recognition of exceptional contributions to the world of Indian classical music. Nominations are now open, eagerly anticipated by the music community worldwide.

Ulhas International Music Competition – Registration open

Veena Venu takes immense pride in hosting the Ulhas International Music Competition, providing a global platform for emerging and seasoned musicians to display their remarkable talents and share their musical passion.

Mata Sanskrit Bhasha Celebration on 14th Oct – Embracing Linguistic Heritage

Mark your calendars for the 14th of October as Veena Venu celebrates Mata Sanskrit Bhasha, an event dedicated to honoring the richness of the Sanskrit language. Join us in exploring the profound cultural significance and beauty of this ancient tongue.

Literacy Celebration for Students and Parents – Fostering Educational Empowerment

Veena Venu Art Foundation is committed to empowering through education. We invite you to join us in celebrating literacy, a vital cornerstone of personal and societal growth, as we recognize the academic achievements of our students and parents.

Shakti Aradhna – Shakti Parv from 18th to 21st Oct – A Tribute to Feminine Power

From the 18th to the 21st of October, Veena Venu proudly celebrates Shakti Aradhna – Shakti Parv, paying homage to the divine feminine power that permeates our existence. Join us in this spiritually enriching journey.

Vadya Puja on 25th Oct – Honoring the Essence of Instruments

On the 25th of October, we come together to pay our respects to the essence of musical instruments through Vadya Puja, recognizing the vital role they play in the world of music.

Kojagiri Utsav on 28th Oct – Embracing Moonlight and Festivity

Embrace the enchanting moonlight on the 28th of October as we celebrate Kojagiri Utsav, a festival of joy and festivity. Join us in reveling in the magic of the night.