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*नादाधिनम जगत सर्वम*

    • Dr.Radhika is the director founder of Veena Venu Art Foundation ,Aarohi Promotions and Aarohi women empowerment group.
    • We Indians are having the most precious heritage in the form of the most devolved and structured form of music and arts. Veena Venu Art foundation works to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of art and music.We provide the deep knowledge of music all the art forms.
    • Hundreds of students from the globe are learning Vichitra Veena,Sitar,Sarangi,Sarswati veena ,Rudra Veena,Mohan Veena,Sitar,Violin,Tabla, Harmonium,Surbahar,Guitar, and other Indian Classical also some western Instruments, Indian Classical vocal and other streams of music under Veena Venu Art foundation.A perfect combination of Gurushishya parampara and new age education technology Veena Venu art foundation provide it’s students a completely different, innovative and incomparable learning experience.

    • We are working for the expansion of Vocal Music, Rare music, rare instruments, rare music styles and rare arts therefore veena Venu Art Foundation organizes various music festivals ,workshops.lec-dem sessions ,Samman samaroh ,competitions, Healing sessions, counseling sessions, seminars ,presentations and many other events every year to promote Indian Music art and culture .
    • Veena Venu Art foundation provide many opportunities to its students by organizing various activities, knowledge sessions,access of free audio visual library,book library, special learning sessions,talk shows, presentations,meetings with known musicians,various shows and many more.Veena Venu Art Foundation rorganized Swaravali Sangeetotsava,Dharohar Sangeetotsava , Singinv bird competition and orgnizes regular series of Swar Samvad .Ulhas Shrdhha and many other competition has been organized by Veena Venu Art Foundation .
    • Durga Shakti samman has been given by Veena Venu Art Foundation and Aarohi women empowerment group every year to encourage the women who did extraordinary work in their field. Various educational schemes has been provided by Veena Venu Art foundation and Aarohi women empowerment group too empower the stri shakti and the talented students comes from lower middle class Such as Durga scheme,Talented strugglers,Adar scheme (for senior sitizen).

    • Indian music specially Indian Classical music has therapeutic impact. Each Raga has the science in it.,That is the science of sound , science of vibrations , science of swara.
    • Programs and sessions to create awareness about Music therapy, Meditation and Indian music has been organized by Veena Venu Art Foundation and Aarohi women empowerment group.
    • Many patients of kidney failure, Brain hemorrhage, ADHD,BPD, Depression and other serious mental and physical illness got benefited by regular music therapy sessions given at Veena Venu Art Foundation.
    • Regular meditation sessions,free meditation and crystal healing workshops are also a part of Veena Venu Art Foundation’s regular event lists.

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Guru Shishya Tradition


India is the nation of knowledge. Having indepth knowledge, for thousands of years we were the center to impart great knowledge and wisdom. The brightest aspect of Indian culture is the Guru Shishya Parampara. The Guru is an intellectual person on the earth. They think that to impart education is the best deed as keeping knowledge to one self is considered as stagnancy of it, so they give and impart this eduction to coming generation, which keep them alive in their memories for ever as a GURU.


The Guru is the only person who imparts best knowledge.The Shishya strive hards to get the knowledge from Guru. The Shishya respects the GURU and treats them next to GOD.
Indian Music is so deep that it can only be attained by following Gurushishya Parampara A person who is dedicated , disciplined, passionate and hard working can only be the great musician. A person has to get knowledge from Guru each and everyday in order to be a successful artist and musician. Learning in a school and getting degrees can never guarantee anyone to be a singer, dancer, instrumentalist or artist.
Veena Venu Art Foundation has been following and will always follow the tradition of Gurushishya Parampara.

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      • Regular Classes for Music, Dance, Meditation, and Art And Craft
      • Regular Music therapy sessions based on Indian Music.
      • Student’s concert & presentations by providing opportunities to students in different concerts ,shows, different channels ,social media platforms. We take their interviews, make videos and help them with best career options to choose from.
      • Swar Samwad -Discussions and presentations on music on a regular basis.
      • Durga Samman- Honour the power of the women every year
      • Knowledge Workshop to enhance knowledge of Music and Arts
      • Awareness Programs for awareness through workshops of various dance and music forms
      • Lecture & Demonstration- Session
      • Competitions-Different art and music competition
      • Publish Veenapani E Magazine with essays on music theory, music history and interviews of artists. Special columns for rare instruments, instrumentalist, rare vocal styles and rare arts.
      • Organising music lecture ,music therapy sessions, concerts for orphanage kids, elders in old age home and needy women.


At regular intervals we conduct tests and take reviews for ongoing improvements. After the completion of course, we provide with degree/ diploma certificates.