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Invitation to Artists 

The Veena Venu Art Foundation cordially extends an invitation to accomplished artists across diverse genres to partake in our esteemed cultural gatherings. Our foundation is committed to curating and presenting exceptional artistic experiences through a range of meticulously organized events, including baithaks, concerts, workshops, and artist interviews.

If you are a vocalist, instrumentalist, or a dancer, we welcome you to grace our Baithaks Concerts with your unparalleled talent and artistry.

Participation Guidelines:

To be a part of our prestigious events, kindly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Performance Submission: We kindly request you to submit a recent, professionally recorded 30-minute video showcasing your performance. This submission will provide us with a comprehensive insight into your artistic prowess.
  2. Comprehensive Biodata: Alongside your video, we request a comprehensive biodata that provides detailed information about your artistic lineage, gharana, or guru parampara. This comprehensive background enables us to appreciate the profound heritage of your art form.

Submission Process:

Please forward your performance video and biodata to our dedicated email address at [email protected].

Confirmation Protocol:

Upon submitting your application, we kindly request that you confirm your submission via WhatsApp at 9833703592. This confirmation ensures the swift acknowledgment of your application.

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