Basic Musical Instrument learning Course for kids – Course Name “Anant”

(For – Sitar ,Guitar ,Flute ,Keyboard,Santoor,Violin,Veenas and other

(For Tabla’s Course Content Please Contact )

An Indian and western instruments learning course/program for kids. Learning to play an instrument has many advantages for growing children – playing an instrument stimulates parts of the brain responsible for the development of large and small motor skills and building memory. Music can help with the development of maths skills; Music can give children a way to express themselves, to unleash their creativity. Instruments taught in this course are Sitar, guitar, Harmonium, Keyboard, Violin, Veena, and many more.

Where Can you learn?

    • This course/Program is both Offline and Online. Please contact us for more details.

Who will teach?

    • Dr.Radhika Veenasadhika expert and first lady Vichitra Veena player and a Maestro of music with 25+ Years of teaching experience. Also Faculty of Veena Venu Art Foundation.

Who Can learn?

    • Children who want to learn instruments or explore the western/Indian instruments. Age group: 4 and above

Duration of course/Program:

    • 2 days in a week, Minimum 1 year after which there will be years 2 and 3. For
      more details please contact us.
    • The sitting posture for the instrument
    • How to hold the instrument
    • How to pluck the instrument
    • How to produce the first note on your instrument
    • Basic Alankars and Magical Exercises to win the Marathon of Fast
    • Now get the entry pass to the world of Raags
    • Explore the life of Raags and know about them
    • Learn Compositions in a variety of Raags
    • Know the Improvisations of Compositions (Tan ,bols and more)
    • Learn Indian and Western songs
    • Learn Basic theory of music , know it’s StoryBe more creative by doing Projects and Activities
    • 2 semester’s exam and one final exam, Certification will be given of Course completion and grade achieved.
    • We are affiliated with Gandhrwa Mahavidyaly Mandal and other universities and student can get their certificate too.
Fee Structure
For 3 months 7599 INR 
For 6 Months 14099 INR 
For 12 Months 23499 INR 

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