Bollywood Singing

Bollywood singing Course

Ever wanted to make a career as a playback singer or just want to sing a song at a party? This course will
help you to grow as a Bollywood singer and will also fulfill your wish to sing like a pro. This is not just a
movie song course or just a course where you will learn few songs! This course will make you prepare as
a professional singer, from the voice training to singing songs at the best this course includes everything
which is needed to be a singer.

Course duration :

    • 1 Year basic – 1-year advance

Who can learn?

    • Anyone who has learned the basics of singing. Those who are completely new have to first finish our
      Aadhar basic foundation course to get enrolled in this course. Knowledge of Swar Taal lay and other
      aspects of Indian classical music are the basics and without learning them no one can sing a song

Course mode –

    • Offline & online both as per student’s choice.
    • Voice Modulation
    • Understanding the lay of the songs
    • Understanding the Bhav(emotions) of the songs
    • Understanding the composition of the songs
    • Understanding the music arrangements of the songs
    • Finding the right pitch
    • Learn to sing in various scale
    • Understanding the voice culture of the song and learn to sing with voice culture
    • Knowledge of the Raag in which song has been composed
    • Learn to sing easy songs
    • Learn to sing difficult songs
    • Singing songs only on tanpura without any instruments
    • Singing songs with all the instruments
    • Learn to sing with different music arrangements
    • Certification of completion will be given

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