ध्यान A course/ Program of Meditation

Dr.Radhika is Meditation teacher, she has learnt meditation from many gurus , she is a crystal healer and also a crystal therapist.She has also learnt Pranic healing she is a healer too. She is a firm believer of supreme power/adi anadi ishwar. She is also world famous musician , she is the granddaughter of Pt.Balabhau Umdekar who was a Gwalior court musician. She has done her PHD in Indian Classical music (Vocal & instruments)She is a gold medallist in sitar, she has learnt vocal from her father Pt.Shriram Umdekar, she has learnt All Indian and few
western instruments and has a higher degree in all of the instruments and vocal classical and semi classical . She is student of her father Pt.Shriram umdekar who is a famous sitar and rudra veena player. She is also the student of Grammy award winner Pt.Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. She is the first lady Vichitra Veena Player and innovator of smallest Vichitra Veena ,She is also the director of Veena Venu Art Foundation ,Thousands of students have learned and many are learning music under her guidance . She has more then 25 years of teaching experience in
Hindustani classical music and has trained Indian and foreign students in her academy and in workshops. She is also Music Therapist and a writer.

We use the mind continually to efficiently navigate our daily lives, whose outcomes may be success and enjoyment, but can also include stress, anxiety and even overwhelm. Connecting to our true peaceful self is necessary. Transform your emotions with the beautiful guided meditation for four main emotions for humans(See overview to know more).

Who Can Join?

    • Anyone who wants to connect to their true inner peaceful self. Age group :

Where Can you learn?

    • This course/Program is both Offline and Online. Please contact us for more details.

Duration of Program/course:

    • 2 days in a week , 6 months
    • What is Meditation
    • Knowledge about meditation and chakras
    • Guided meditation on trauma
    • Guided meditation on success mentality
    • Guided meditation on anger
    • Guided meditation on peace and calm
    • Students need to pay fee
    • After payment students shall receive online registration form which has to be filledby them
    • And the class will get started
  • Morning 7 to 8 am Everyday