Indian Classical Vocal Course – Aaradhana

A Intermediate Level Indian Classical Vocal Course Name – Aaradhna 

As the students complete our course “Aadhar” or already have their basic training of Indian Classical
Vocal music, They shall further be continuing with the course “Aaradhna”,This course will be
intermediate level 1 and 2. This will be the part where students will be started to be trained and
groomed as artists. As the students progress they shall receive higher-level understanding of music.
Vocal students shall be taught Collection of Bandishes and elements of bandish, and much more.
Duration of Course/Program : 2 years.

Who Can learn?

    • Anyone who has learned the basics of music or has completed the Basic level course

Who Can learn?

    • Anyone who has learned the basics of music or has completed the Basic level course

Who will teach?

    • Dr.Radhika Veenasadhika expert and first lady Vichitra Veena player and a maestro of music with 25+
      Years of teaching experience. She along with Foundation’s gurus will teach

Duration of Course/Program:

    • 2 Year, 2 days a week. For timings and days please contact us.
    • Students will get immense control on her/his voice and modulation of voice
    • Exercises of taans and paltas in at least 5 different raags
    • Compositions in 5-7 raags
    • Introduction to bada khyal Gayaki
    • Introduction of self improvisation in 2nd year of the program
    • Introduction of creation of taans and paltas
    • Introduction of Bhajan gayaki in 1st year(how to sing bhajans , learn 3-4 bhajans )
    • Introduction of playback singing in both years ( 5-7 bollywood songs with the understanding of voice
      modulation )
    • Tarana, chaturang, trivat and other styles of Indian classical music
    • We are affiliated with Gandhrwa Mahavidyaly Mandal and other universities and student can get their
      certificate too
  • 8 AM to 10 AM Saturday Sunday (choose any one day 2 hours )
Fee Structure
For 3 months 9999 INR 
For 6 Months 18999 INR
For 12 Months 35999 INR
If Paying for Two Years Discounted fee 64999

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