जननी A course/Program for Moms to be

Dr.Radhika is world famous musician , she is the granddaughter of Pt.Balabhau Umdekar who was a Gwalior court musician. She has done her PHD in Indian Classical music (Vocal & instruments)She is a gold medallist in sitar, she has learnt vocal from her father Pt.Shriram Umdekar, she has learnt All Indian and few western instruments and has a higher degree in all of the instruments and vocal classical and semi classical . She is student of her father Pt.Shriram umdekar who is a famous sitar and rudra veena player. She is also the student of Grammy
award winner Pt.Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. She is the first lady Vichitra Veena Player and innovator of smallest Vichitra Veena ,She is also the director of Veena Venu Art Foundation ,Thousands of students have learned and many are learning music under her guidance . She has more then 25 years of teaching experience in Hindustani classical music and has trained Indian and foreign students in her academy and in workshops. She is also Music Therapist and a writer.

    • Veena Venu Art Foundation is an initiative with vision to save and promote Indian art and culture. Veena Venu Art foundation works to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of art and music. We provide the deep knowledge of music all the art forms.
    • Hundreds of students from the globe are learning Vichitra Veena, Sitar, Sarangi, Sarswati veena , Rudra Veena, Mohan Veena, Sitar, Violin,Tabla, Harmonium, Surbahar, Guitar, and other Indian Classical also some western Instruments, Indian Classical vocal and other streams of music under Veena Venu Art foundation. Our students include professionals, doctors, school principals,world famous celebrities, actors like Vicky Kaushal. A perfect combination of Gurushishya parampara and new age education technology Veena Venu art foundation provide it’s students a completely different, innovative and incomparable learning experience.
    • We are working for the expansion of Vocal Music, Instrumental music, Rare music, rare instruments, rare music styles and rare arts therefore Veena Venu Art Foundation organizes various music festivals ,workshops. lec-dem sessions, Samman samaroh, competitions, Healing sessions, counselling sessions, seminars, presentations and many other events every year to promote Indian Music art and culture .
    • Veena Venu Art foundation provides many opportunities to its students by organizing various activities, knowledge sessions, access to free audiovisual library, book library, special learning sessions, talk shows, presentations, meetings with known musicians, various shows, and many more. Veena Venu Art Foundation organized Swaravali Sangeetotsava, Dharohar Sangeetotsava , Singing bird competition, and organizes regular series of Swar Samvad. Ulhas, Shrdhha and much other competition have been organized by Veena Venu Art Foundation.
    • Music is not only pleasant to listen to hear but sound is an important nutrient for the nervous system. Neurologically it is connected to all levels of brain function and brain development of fatal and as a result has a vast range of influence. How we listen impacts not only our overall physiology, but also our behaviour. Music has been seen to reduce high stress level that many pregnant woman experience during pregnancy. Women who listen Indian classical music during pregnancy show significant reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression. Indian classical music provides an excellent way for the mother to bond with her unborn child. Each musical piece/recording is individually selected and unique to your child. This course / Program is specially designed for you and your child…
      • Learning and understanding of any of your choice of instrument or vocal music
      • Understanding :
      • Understanding of what to listen and what not to listen in pregnancy
      • Selecting the right kind of music as per your pregnancy status, nature, and according to your health
      • When to listen and how to listen
      • We shall provide you Indian classical music tracks for each and different time of the day , according to your health condition for the growth and development of your child
      • Guided Meditation with Indian classical music
      • Music therapy for every stage of pregnancy
    • Students need to pay fee
    • After payment students shall receive an online registration form which has to be filled by them
    • And the class will get started
Fee Structure
550 Per session Minimum 20 session payment should be taken 
10999 INR Discounted 
If paid 45 session Discount of 10 % will be given
Fee for Meditation course 
3 months 7499
6 months 14499