Semi Classical Course – Gazal- Songs

You love gazals and the mood of gazals, You love to sing Bhajans and songs of your choice but you wonder
how to sing them properly? then this course is for you.

     Who can learn

    • Anyone who has learned Indian Classical music for at least 1 year or the basics of Indian Classical music.
    • Singing gazals is not very easy, preparation of voice and knowledge of basic musical techniques,
      understanding of swar – Taal –lay and command on them is very important therefore if you are a beginner
      it is recommended that you first do our Aadhar foundation course for 6 months and then enroll in this

      Duration of the course

    • Basic level 1 year
    • Advance level 1 year
    • Understanding the Bhav of the song/gazal/Bhajan
    • Understanding the language and pronunciation of the lyrics
    • Understanding the composition of the gazal/ bhajan/song
    • Understanding the musical arrangements of the Gazal/ Bhajan / Song
    • Understanding the Raag and taal used in the Gazal/ Bhajan/song
    • Learn to sing basic gazal/bhajan /song
    • Learn to sing difficult bhajan/gazal/bhajan
    • Learn to sing minor attributes of the gazal/ bhajan/song
    • Practice and Riyaz guidance for the preparation of each gazal/bhajan/song
    • Using Voice culture for the Gazal, Bhajan,Song
    • Sing using tanpura
    • Sing using Harmonium
    • Sing using live music