Ganadhaar – Swarangan

Vocal Classical Music basic 2 years Course for kids – Course Name “Ganadhaar(Major Mukhya in Music ) – Swarangan”

The study program Major-Mukhya in Hindustani Classical Vocal offered by Veena Venu Art Foundation provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to music education. It aims to equip students with the key aspects of the Indian Raagdari System, improvisation skills, music creation, composition, arrangement, and music theory. The program goes beyond technical training and focuses on transforming students into well-rounded artists.

The curriculum emphasizes mental clarity in music, fostering a deep understanding of the intricacies of Hindustani Classical Vocal. Students learn innovative techniques of voice modulation, enabling them to express a wide range of emotions and moods through their singing. They are trained in the art of delivering impactful presentations, honing their stage presence, and developing effective communication skills.Group learning is an integral part of the program, allowing students to collaborate with their peers, engage in musical discussions, and learn from each other’s experiences. They have opportunities to participate in small performances, where they can showcase their progress and receive constructive feedback from their instructors and fellow students.

The program also places emphasis on practical aspects of music, including recording oneself, writing music, and exploring music composition and arrangement. Students learn the fundamentals of music production, enabling them to create their own musical compositions and arrangements.

To nurture their artistic growth, students are exposed to various artistic disciplines. They delve into acting, which enhances their expressive abilities and stage presence. They also gain experience in conducting small workshops, where they share their knowledge and passion for Hindustani Classical Vocal with others.

Participation in music events, competitions, and concerts is encouraged, providing students with valuable performance opportunities. This exposure helps them gain confidence, refine their skills, and establish themselves as emerging artists in the field of Hindustani Classical Vocal.

The program covers all the foundational aspects of Indian Classical music, ensuring that students develop a strong musical base. They receive core training in vocal music, including proper techniques for breath control, intonation, pitch accuracy, and diction. They delve into the intricacies of different ragas, learning their melodic structures, ornamentations, and improvisational possibilities.

By the end of the program, students emerge as well-rounded singers with a deep understanding of Hindustani Classical Vocal. They possess the technical skills, artistic sensibilities, and theoretical knowledge to pursue a career in music or further their musical journey. The program equips them with the tools and opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the world of Indian Classical music and become ambassadors of this rich musical heritage.

Who Can learn?

    • Children who want to learn music or singing or explore music. Age group: 1.5 years and above

Where Can you learn?

    • This course/Program is both Offline and Online. This program is also available at our Navi Mumbai Branches. Please contact us for more details.

Duration of course/Program:

    • 2 days in a week, Minimum 2 years after which there will be Intermediate and Advance levels. For more details please contact us.
  • The sitting posture
  • Breathing exercises
  • How to sing swars
  • Basic Alankarsand Magical Exercises to win the Marathon of Fast Notes
  • Now get the entry pass to the world of Raags
  • Explore the life of Raagsand know about them
  • Learn Compositions in a variety of Raags
  • Know the Improvisations of Compositions (BandishSongs of Indian classical music) (Tan ,bolsand more)
  • Learn Indian and Western songs
  • Learn Basic theory of music ; know it’s Story
  • Be more creative by doing Projects and Activities
  • Fun Activities to know rhythm , taal, raagand much more
  • We will conduct 2 semester’s exam and one final exam to test all taught in the 1 year program accordingly certificate shall be provided to the students at the end of the program with gradation.
  • We are affiliated to different universities, if students wants to give exam and get outside certificate also he/she needs to take extra classes and be prepared for that from us.

1. Kindly arrange for the tuition fee payment as the first step in your enriching journey with us.
2. Upon fee settlement, you will receive an online registration form, marking the beginning of your personalized learning experience.
3. Please also complete and submit the provided offline forms, along with any required documents, to secure your place in our learning community.
4. A receipt will be issued for your records, confirming the successful completion of the enrollment process.
5. With these formalities concluded, you are all set to embark on your enlightening journey in our class.

“We take pride in our affiliations with prestigious institutions including Gandharva Mahavidyalay, Suro Bharati, and Bharatiya Vidyapeeth, along with numerous other esteemed universities and boards. Our students have the unique opportunity to undertake and complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Music under our expert tutelage.”

Weekly twice , one hour each day.

Forr timings , Kindly reach out to respective branch.

Fee Structure

Fees Schedule

Minimum 1 year payment (Next payment in 3rd Month for 2nd year)


       Pay for 2 years