Vocal Classical Music basic Course for kids – Course Name “Sur”

A Indian Classical Vocal course/program for kids.Indian classical music is beneficial to children in many ways .Indian classical music may enhance math, spatialtemporal and balance right and left brains along with improving general intelligence. Indian classical Vocal music specially help children in developing verbal skills. In our program ” Sur ” we give kids projects and activities ,so that their communication skills and confidence is improved. Indian classical music teaches discipline, patience and develop the nature of hard work. It has infinite scope of improvisation and so It enhances creativity. “Sur ” program is a complete course to make your kids aware, learn and enjoy Indian classical Vocal music.Learning Music is a gift for lifetime, so give your child the gift of “Sur” .

Who Can learn?

    • Children who want to learn music or singing or explore music . Age group: 3 and above

Where Can you learn?

    • This course/Program is both Offline and Online. Please contact us for more details.

Duration of course/Program:

    • 2 days in a week, Minimum 1 year after which there will be year 2 and 3. For more details please contact us.
  • The sitting posture
  • Breathing exercises
  • How to sing swars
  • Basic Alankarsand Magical Exercises to win the Marathon of Fast Notes
  • Now get the entry pass to the world of Raags
  • Explore the life of Raagsand know about them
  • Learn Compositions in a variety of Raags
  • Know the Improvisations of Compositions (BandishSongs of Indian classical music) (Tan ,bolsand more)
  • Learn Indian and Western songs
  • Learn Basic theory of music ; know it’s Story
  • Be more creative by doing Projects and Activities
  • Fun Activities to know rhythm , taal, raagand much more
  • We will conduct 2 semester’s exam and one final exam to test all taught in the 1 year program accordingly certificate shall be provided to the students at the end of the program with gradation.
  • We are affiliated to different universities, if students wants to give exam and get outside certificate also he/she needs to take extra classes and be prepared for that from us.
  • Students need to pay fee
  • After payment students shall receive online registration form which has to be filledby them
  • And the class will get started

We are affiliated with Gandhrwa Mahavidyaly Mandal and other universities and student can get their certificate too.

  • Friday & Saturday 4 to 5 pm
  • Wednesday Thursday 6 to 7 pm
Fee Structure


Pay For 3 months 7599 INR
Pay For 6 Months 14099 INR 
Or Pay For 12 Months 23499 INR (Discounted)

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