Voice Culture for Singing Course

A course for those who knows that voice is most important part of singing.Without good voice,
singing is not possible , Those who want to make their voice beautiful ,ready to sing any style of
music . Those who have any voice problem or issues with voice , hesitate to sing higher notes
can join this course .

    • Learn about Pitch
    • Sitting position for Vocal music
    • How to use Tanpura
    • Seven notes of Indian Classical Music and how to sing them
    • Understanding swar Samwad and singing Samwadi swaras in different scales
    • Understanding the Voice anatomy
    • How we generate voice
    • Understanding proper voice for singing
    • Understanding the difference between chest voice and voice for vocal singers
    • Production of singing voice
    • Learn to sing middle notes in free and open voice
    • Learn to sing Higher notes without hesitation and in open voice
    • Learn deep breathing exercise
    • Learn to take care of your voice and throat
    • Lifestyle changes for good voice
    • Learn to sing 20 alankars with confidence and proper voice
    • Preparation of Voice for Classical singing with the help of patterns and swar exercises

Session Time

Please message us for timing details