A Program for toddlers – Course Name – Waah Waah

A Program for toddlers. Indian classical music is also known as “श्रवणी ववद्या” meaning an art which can be best learned when listened to. This program is for Toddlers to hear music this also helps them. Such as whenever in future they learn music they shall have great grasping power, they shall be progressing very fast, will understand music clearly. Listening to Indian classical music shall also develop the brain, develop better memory skills. Indian classical music also inculcates a sense of structure & rhythm in one’s brain, facilitating such interesting new neural connections.

Who Can join?

    • Toddlers from the age of 2 to 5 years

Where can you join?

    • This course/program is both offline and online

Duration of Course/program:

    • 2 days in a week, 3 months
    • With the help of parents we will develop the skill of sitting patiently and listening to music. This shall increase and develop patience skills.
    • We shall introduce them to new instruments, new music styles, and genres.
    • We shall teach them few small and sweet songs.
    • We shall provide parents music recordings for the different moods of the child at each time of the day, in this way we shall even give them music therapy, help parents, and help in the upbringing of the child.


Certification will be given of Course completion


Session Time

Wednesday & Thursday 5 PM to 6 PM

Fee Structure


2999 INR