Vichitra Veena is Scientific Instrument

Fact-Vichitra Veena is scientific Instrument*

1.Vichitra Veena is ancient scientific Instrument of India because it’s the only Instrument which can produce all 22 shrutis and all swars of Indian classical music in very effective and easy manner.
2.In Indian music every Raag has a different swarup of each swar, and Vichitra Veena is the Instrument which has the ability to produce the exact right swar according to each Raag of Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet.
3.This Instrument gives one the opportunity to play in 6 to 7 octaves without pulling the string , Because this is the only Instrument which has 6 to 7 main strings (here we are not speaking about Santoor or any other Instruments like that as the nature of Instrument is completely different).
No other Instrument has this ability !!
4.The position to keep the Instrument and the sitting position is very simple and easy and that’s why a young toddler ,a young person and very old aged person all can play Vichitr Veena without any complications.
5.The tuning of Vichitra Veena is very authentic and simple one can tune the upper strings in Sa Pa Sa Pa Sa Pa and that’s why playing in different scales is quite easy !
6.As we know now that the tuning part and playing in different scales is quite easy, anyone who is playing this Instrument can accompany any singer who is singing in any scale,any Raag or any song or any genre without any headache and without any complicated technique/s.
7.The resonance of sympathetic strings are not only beautiful it gives a player a hint of the right swar and create and environment of that particular Raag which a player wants to play.
8.The melody,the flow of sur which is the “Praan” of Indian classical music can be produced very easily on Vichitra Veena and therefore the aspect of mind(मींड) and Gamak(गमक) can also be produced and depict on Vichitra Veena in quite simple and easy manner.
9.The Narmadeshwar Shivlingam which is used by Dr.Radhika to play Vichitra Veena is a symbol of Cosmic creation and cosmic energy ,it also produce the right sound without any metalic irritating “किच कर्र” Sound and makes the sound of Veena more deep and create a natural bass sound.
10.Vichitra Veena is only Instrument in which one can play Ati Ati Mandra Saptak (अती- अती मंद्र सप्तक and अती तार सप्तक) just by playing on different Strings of the Instrument,not much Instruments has this both qualities together.
11. This is the Instrument in which you can play Deep Spritual Indian Classical Dhrupad and Dhamar Vadan,Khayal Gayki,Tappa ,Thumari,gazal,Bhajan, Bollywood and any western song,Fusion music !!!! Everything in one Instrument !!!! That too without changing the strings and almost effortlessly.(If you have done your Riyaz properly) It’s completely on the mood of Vichitra Veena player what he or she wants to play. THIS INSTRUMENT IS BEYOND LIMITATIONS !! HAS ABSOLUTELY NO LIMITATIONS!!!!
12.The sound of Vichitra Veena can be used to treat psychological disorders, all kind of disease, to keep one stress free and to keep one healthy.
13.The Power of Jod (जोड़- The part which a player play after Aalap) in Vichitra Veena has the ability to create a specific vibration in human body which regularize, Improve and increase the blood flow in whole body (as per the result of an experiment we did on few patients).
14.The Lay(लय) and depth of swar creates the vibrational zone which makes human mind calm and peaceful, increase concentration,focus and ability to feel stronger in any situation of life.
15.This Instrument has two thumbs which makes the sound more deep and create high resonance.
Playing Vichitra Veena is not only a blessing or spritual activity it’s a scientific bliss to the human body and to the area you are living in!!!
It’s not a bliss which only you enjoy and get benefited ,it’s the bliss by which your family friends and neighbours also get benefited.
We should respect our old tradition,our scientific instruments,our scientific Indian music and promote this culture world wide.
Written by
Dr.Radhika Veenasadhika
(Vichitra Veena Player, Director Veena Venu Art Foundation)

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