Veena  Venu Art foundation is an initiative of founder Director  Dr.Radhika Veenasadhika with the vision of promotion and preservation of Indian Classical Music, Art and Culture. Dr.Radhika  is the first lady Vichitra Veena Player in the world , She is also a Sitarist and Vocalist . She has learned almost all the instruments of India and mastered them and has done her PHD in Music .  Veena Venu Art Foundation is one of the prominent Indian music school of the country, based In Mumbai and  has four branches:Ulwe,Sanpada,Andheri and  Pune and soon there will be more branches in all over the country .  Thousands of students from the globe are learning  Indian Classical Vocal Music and instruments like Vichitra Veena Sitar, Sarangi, Sarswati veena , Rudra Veena, Mohan Veena, Sitar, Violin, Tabla, Harmonium, Surbahar, Guitar, and other Indian Classical also western Instruments at Veena Venu Art Foundation , also other streams of music under Veena Venu Art foundation.

Concert and events

We organize regular baithaks, Concerts, workshop, lectures and demo sessions by music and art maestros . We honour great musicians and women maestros . Till date we have organized more than 200 events, concerts, baithaks, competitions and other programs.


  • Promotion  of Indian Classical Vocal Music ,Khyal Gayaki and Dhrupad.
  • Promotion and preservation of  Rare Indian Musical Instruments i.e Vichitra Veena ,Surbahar ,Rudra Veena ,Sarangi, Israj ,Mayuri Veena , Jodi Pakhawaj ,Pakhawaj.
  • Promotion & Popularization of Indian Instruments like Sitar ,Santoor, flute ,Tabla and more
  • Preservation of  Indian Music , art and culture by giving training of Indian music  with gurushishya Parampara & new age technology and teaching methodology .
  • Promotion and nature of Indian artists by providing them stage , opportunities and basics of life under Sankalp mission .
  • Promotion of Indian women musicians by organizing their concerts ,workshops and creation of women musician support systems.
  • Make India a better place for everyone by creating awareness about Music Therapy and giving training of Indian music , and making it a part of Indian people’s life .
  • Promotion and training of Indian Raga Therapy .
  • Promotion of Indian Music art and culture in other countries and among foreign students.
  • Creation of new bandish for Indian Khyal Gayki
  • Creation of Archival music and book library
  • Training of writing on Indian Music and creating more awareness about Indian music by publishing daily news later ,magazine and newspaper.

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