What is Music ….

Music is an integral part of each person’s Life.

Music is everywhere .

But what does music really mean, and what is music.

For some it is the chirping of the birds, the prayers of the church, the taans played on the sitar or a song on which celebrities/Actors and Actresses dance.

Music is not something that can be defined, moreover, it is not even a thing. OR A OBJECT.

It is also a soul, just like us humans. The only difference is that humans are opinionated, have a lot of preconceptions and are made of layers of skin which hides the soul. Music is not the seven swars of Indian music or the notes of western music. Music is a soul, which can connect to your soul. Only a pure soul can connect to a soul. Music is that soul , which has the capability to connect to your soul , which makes it a form that can express emotions, feelings and your soul.

Do you ever wonder, how is it that music heals us ?

The only answer to this is , that music heals us because it heals our soul , which is often hurt by other souls , or is disturbed by the negativity.

Music is universal. Music can never be described in words, It really is beyond words , it’s so wide that it goes beyond your skin to connect to your soul. Music is not recorded sound tapes. It is a group of frequencies and sound waves which have the potential to travel deep into your soul.

According to Wikipedia , it is the art of arranging sounds. But music really is the art that is able to connect to your soul using a few swars and notes. Its greatness is beyond anyone’s capability to appreciate.

Music is a gift to humanity and to mankind, it’s a blessing for you and a cure for your soul.

-Aarohi Budhkar

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