सा कला या विमुक्तये 

Kalakar Kosh 

Veena Venu Art Foundation is in the process of curating an extensive repository of individuals who are distinguished artists, performers, scholars, critics, writers, and art historians specializing in the field of performing arts. If you belong to this esteemed community, we kindly invite you to share your professional details with us according to the following format for inclusion in our updated database. Your contribution will help us create a comprehensive resource for the performing arts community.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Full Name:
  2. Contact Information (Email and Phone Number):
  3. Artistic Discipline or Field of Expertise (e.g., Classical Music, Dance, Theatre, etc.):
  4. Professional Background and Achievements (Please provide a brief bio or CV):
  5. Publications or Contributions to the Field (Books, Articles, Reviews, etc.):
  6. Awards and Recognitions (if any):
  7. Current Affiliations or Institutions (if applicable):
  8. Any Additional Information or Comments:


Your collaboration in this endeavor is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the enrichment and preservation of the performing arts heritage. Please submit your details to ad[email protected] or 9833703592 Thank you.

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