Categories in Detail:

  1. Vocal Categories:

– Hindustani Classical Vocal – Dhrupad and Khyal

– Carnatic Classical Vocal

– Devotional Vocal -Bhakti Sangeet

  1. Instrumental Categories:

– Hindustani Vadya (Instruments)

– Carnatic Vadya(Instruments)

  1. 3. Rare Indian Instruments Category:
  2.   –Rare Indian Instruments like Vichitra Veena, Sundari, Surbahar, Mayuri Veena, Jori Pakhawaj, Israj, Dilruba, Innovative Indian classical instruments and more.

Innovative creations – Innovative creations in Indian classical music instruments, whether crafted by artists or inspired individuals.

The final date for nominations and applications is set for December 30, 2023.

Awardees will be bestowed with a set of esteemed honours, reflecting our profound appreciation for their dedication and artistry:

1. Distinguished Medal of Honor: This prestigious medal serves as a beacon of excellence, a symbol not only of the recipient’s mastery of Indian Classical Music (Vocal- Instrument)/Rare Indian classical music instruments, Folk Music, but also of their unwavering commitment to preserving and advancing this timeless tradition.

2. Exclusive Social Media Highlight: Our exclusive social media coverage provides a digital platform of unparalleled grandeur, amplifying the awardees’ virtuosity to a global audience. This curated online presence ensures that their talents resonate widely, fostering connections and admiration from music enthusiasts worldwide.

3. Featured Interview in ‘Shree Veene Magazine’: Shree Veene Magazine, a distinguished publication revered for its profound impact on the world of Indian classical music, offers a coveted platform for artists to share their musical journey, expertise, and creativity. Within the illustrious pages of this magazine, an extensive and profound artist interview will come to light, allowing these remarkable artists to express their stories, aspirations, and profound insights.

4. Live Performance Invitation: Awardees may receive invitations for live performances, sacred stages where years of dedication and practice culminate with the applause of a captivated audience. This moment etches itself into the annals of musical history, allowing the awardees to share their profound artistry with a discerning and appreciative crowd.

5. Publication of Recordings: An opportunity awaits for these artists to have their recorded performances showcased under the prestigious Veena Venu Music record label, a division operated by the Veena Venu Art Foundation.

6. Veena Venu TV Exclusive Interview: The Veena Venu TV interview represents an extraordinary moment of revelation, where the brilliance of these musical virtuosos meets profound insight. Awardees’ interviews will be telecast on our YouTube channel, Veena Venu TV.

7. Prominent Recognition Across Media: The recognition bestowed upon Veena Venu Awardees reverberates across numerous media channels. Their names and achievements grace prestigious blogs, websites, newsletters, magazines, and press reports, cementing their status as luminaries in the world of Indian classical music and dance.

8. INR 10,000 Gift Vouchers: These INR 10,000 gift vouchers serve as tangible tokens of appreciation, emphasizing our commitment to nurturing and celebrating the passion and dedication that these artists bring to the sacred realm of rare Indian classical music, dance, and musical instruments.

Eligibility and Nominations

– Eligibility: Any living individual, actively pursuing Indian Classical Music with remarkable achievements in Gayanor instrument Vadan, is eligible for nomination.

– Nomination/ Sources: Nominations may be submitted by individuals, organizations, or institutions.

– Submission Process: Nomination letters should be directed to [email protected] , Artists, musicians, and individuals can also nominate themselves by sending applications to the same email address.

Submission Requirements

All nominations and applications should be sent to [email protected] , with the subject line clearly indicating the name of the award. Each submission must include:

– Complete biodata of the nominee.

– For those who are currently receiving guidance from a guru or within an institution, Should include a recommendation letter from their respective guru or educational establishment.

-Proof of Age

– For minors, a consent letter from parents or legal guardians is mandatory.

– A recent video recording of a minimum of 30 minutes, showcasing one Raag and one Dhun/semi-classical performance. For rare instruments, one Raag and one Dhun/special composition demonstrating the instrument’s mastery should be included.

– Innovative instruments in the rare or Durlabh category should provide comprehensive information of the instrument.

– Detailed information about the nominee’s vocal or instrument specialization, about their style of singing/playing, guru gharana, guru parampara, or institute affiliation is essential.


The selection process for this prestigious award involves multiple stages, each designed to honour and recognize the skills and talents of nominees:

First Round: This initial stage involves a thorough review of the materials submitted by nominees, where we aim to appreciate their contributions.

Second Round: Nominees who successfully advance from the first round are invited to share a second video recording, allowing us to further appreciate their talents and contributions.

Top Honourees: For those nominees who progress to the second round, we conduct an interaction session as a means of acknowledging their exceptional abilities. This interaction process plays a crucial role in identifying the top honourees for this esteemed award.

Please be informed that there will be a single award granted within each category. Our objective is to guarantee that the award continues to exemplify the highest standards of excellence.


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