Veena Venu Lok Samman(Award) – Age between 35 to 75

The Veena Venu Lok Samman, a creation of Veena Venu’s initiative Lokgatha Prakashan, is a profound tribute to the heroes of Indian Classical Folk Music. This award is a heartfelt acknowledgment of musicians who have dedicated their entire lives to preserving and perpetuating Bharat’s rich folk traditions. These remarkable artists have tirelessly worked to safeguard the nation’s folk heritage, ensuring that these precious cultural treasures are passed down to future generations.At its core, the Veena Venu Lok Samman represents Lokgatha Prakashan’s vision to illuminate the narratives and stories intricately woven into India’s folk music. It stands as a shining example of their commitment to celebrating and promoting the cultural diversity and richness of the nation. The Veena Venu Lok Samman is a testament to their invaluable contributions, recognizing their role as guardians of India’s folk musical heritage.

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