Veena Yug Anant

” वीणा वादन तत्‍वज्ञ: श्रुति जाति विशारद: ।

तालज्ञश्‍चाप्रयासेन मोक्ष मार्गम् च गच्‍छति।।”

Introducing “Veena Yug Anant” -The infinite age of Veena– a transformative initiative dedicated to the timeless legacy of the Vichitra Veena and other revered Veena instruments including all rare -Durlabh tantri Vadya across India. As the director of Veena Venu Art Foundation and a devoted Vichitra Veena player, I stand resolute in my mission to safeguard and celebrate these cultural treasures.

In an era dominated by Artificial Intelligence, we find solace in the timeless essence of Veena music – an art form steeped in culture, tradition, and spirituality. The resonance of the Veena transcends technological trends, embodying an infinite spiritual dimension that speaks to the soul. Collaborating with renowned artists and vidwanas of India, we embark on a journey to honor and perpetuate the enduring legacy of the Veena, ensuring its timeless significance for generations to come.

In collaboration with esteemed artists and scholars nationwide, we aim to elevate the Vichitra Veena to its rightful place of prominence, honoring its profound beauty and historical significance.

Joined by illustrious figures in Indian music, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all Veena players and enthusiasts to join us in this noble pursuit. Together, let us preserve and propagate the rich tapestry of Veena music, ensuring its enduring resonance for generations to come.

Dr.Radhika Veenasadhika