Lokgatha Prakashan (Publications)

Preserving India’s Literary and Cultural Heritage


Lokgatha Prakashan is a remarkable initiative born out of the creative vision and dedication of Dr. Radhika, the Founder Director of Veena Venu Art Foundation. Driven by a passion for literature, cultural preservation, and a deep-rooted love for the diverse languages of India, Dr. Radhika embarked on a journey to promote Hindi Bhasha and all the languages that make up the rich tapestry of Bharat. This journey has resulted in the establishment of Lokgatha Prakashan, a publishing house with a mission to propagate high-quality sahitya (literature) that truly represents the stories and voices of the Indian people.

The name “Lokgatha” is a fusion of two words, “lok” and “gatha,” where “lok” stands for the people and “gatha” signifies the story. Therefore, Lokgatha Prakashan is dedicated to telling the stories of the people, capturing the essence of their experiences, traditions, and cultures through literature.

At the heart of Lokgatha Prakashan’s mission is the commitment to preserving Indian classical music, art, and culture. In a world where these cultural treasures are at risk of fading into obscurity, the foundation recognizes the importance of safeguarding and passing them on to future generations. To achieve this, Lokgatha Prakashan has taken up the mantle of publishing comics and storybooks that focus on music, particularly Indian music, for children. These publications not only entertain but also educate young minds about the beauty and intricacies of this art form, ensuring that it continues to thrive in the hearts of the youth.

Furthermore, Lokgatha Prakashan is an advocate for the written word as a vessel for cultural preservation. The publishing house produces a wide range of materials, including Indian music books, storybooks, poetry collections, and novels. These publications encompass a diverse array of subjects, ensuring that the rich heritage of Indian literature and culture is celebrated in all its forms.

Lokgatha Prakashan’s commitment to linguistic diversity is evident through its publications in various Indian languages, including Hindi, English, Marathi, and more. By doing so, it ensures that the voices of the people resonate far and wide, breaking linguistic barriers and uniting readers from different regions of the country and globe.

The motto of Lokgatha Prakashan is to publish great Indian sahitya, emphasizing the significance of high-quality literature that reflects the essence and ethos of India. Through its tireless efforts, Lokgatha Prakashan and the Veena Venu Art Foundation are not only preserving India’s cultural heritage but also nurturing a love for literature, music, and art in the hearts of the younger generation. This endeavor ensures that the stories of the Bhartiy people, their traditions, and their languages continue to thrive, creating a brighter and more culturally enriched future for India.