Durga Samman: Honoring Remarkable Women Achievers


The Durga Samman is an esteemed accolade presented annually by our organization to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women who have made significant contributions in their respective fields and have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their work. Over the years, this prestigious award has been bestowed upon women from diverse domains, including music, art, literature, business, science, social work, and many more.

A Legacy of Excellence:

The Durga Samman has, throughout its history, acknowledged and honored women who have not only excelled in their chosen paths but have also paved the way for others to follow. This award pays tribute to the resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment of these exceptional women to bring about positive change in society.

Across Varied Fields:

One of the hallmarks of the Durga Samman is its inclusivity. Each year, we recognize outstanding women from an array of fields, highlighting the breadth and depth of talent that exists across various sectors. Our past recipients have included trailblazers from the realms of music, art, literature, business, science, and social work, among others. Their achievements have not only enriched their respective fields but have also served as a source of inspiration for countless others.

Celebrating Diversity and Empowerment:

The Durga Samman serves as a powerful testament to the potential of women in society. By acknowledging their exceptional accomplishments, we aim to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their dreams and reach new heights. We firmly believe that recognizing and celebrating these exemplary women is a vital step towards gender equality and empowerment.

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