The Veena Venu Sangeet Sanshodhan Samman is a prestigious accolade presented by Veena Venu, designed to honor and applaud exceptional artists, researchers, and individuals for their significant contributions in the field of music. This award pays tribute to their invaluable efforts, whether in the form of published research, theoretical exploration, practical innovations, or pioneering new Indian classical music instruments.

It acknowledges those who have delved into the world of music through comprehensive research, whether by producing enlightening publications, pioneering theoretical studies, introducing innovative practical concepts, or pushing the boundaries of Indian classical music with new innovations. These awardees have made a profound impact on the field of music, contributing to its evolution and enrichment.

The Veena Venu Sangeet Sanshodhan Samman is a celebration of their unwavering dedication to the world of music, and it emphasizes their commitment to preserving and advancing its traditions while fostering new innovations. The age range for this award is from 25 to 65, recognizing individuals across generations who continue to make exceptional contributions to the field of music. Through this award, their exceptional work in various facets of music receives the recognition and honor it truly deserves.

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