Saaj Sambhal``

वीणा वादन तत्वज्ञ श्रुति जाति विशारदः । तालज्ञश्चाप्रयासेन मोक्ष मार्ग निगच्छति ॥

In India, musical instruments are not mere tools; they are revered as embodiments of the divine. Their sounds, shapes, and styles are unique expressions of spirituality. Crafted with devotion, each instrument is a sacred bridge between the earthly and the celestial, allowing musicians to commune with the gods through their melodies. In this land of music, every instrument is a living testament to the harmonious connection between humanity and the divine. By playing or keeping instruments at home, people can attain nirvana without much effort, as the music they create or even the mere presence of these instruments serves as a spiritual path to enlightenment.

The Veena Venu Art Foundation takes great pride in introducing its pioneering initiative, “Saaj Sambhal,” which is dedicated to the care, protection, and preservation of India’s invaluable heritage of old and rare musical instruments, ancient musical manuscripts in both digital and physical formats, as well as archival recordings showcasing the music of India’s maestros and musicians.

Preserving India’s Musical Legacy:

India boasts a rich and diverse musical heritage that spans centuries. This heritage encompasses a myriad of musical instruments, each with its unique history and cultural significance. “Saaj Sambhal” recognizes the urgency of safeguarding these musical treasures, which are not only a testament to India’s musical legacy but also a source of inspiration for future generations.

Old and Rare Instruments:

One of the cornerstones of this initiative is the preservation of old and rare musical instruments. These instruments, some of which are on the brink of extinction, are carefully restored, maintained, and housed in a secure environment. “Saaj Sambhal” ensures that these instruments continue to enchant audiences and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Indian music.

Digitizing Ancient Musical Manuscripts:

The project also aims to digitize and archive ancient musical manuscripts. These texts, often fragile and susceptible to decay, are meticulously preserved in digital form, ensuring their accessibility for researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts. “Saaj Sambhal” is committed to making this invaluable wealth of knowledge readily available to anyone interested in exploring India’s musical heritage.

Archival Recordings and Music of Maestros:

In addition to instruments and manuscripts, “Saaj Sambhal” is focused on the preservation of archival recordings and music performed by India’s musical maestros and musicians. These recordings, whether in the form of vintage vinyl records, audio tapes, or rare live performances, are carefully archived, restored, and made accessible for music aficionados and researchers.


Veena Venu Art Foundation’s Music Library is a treasure trove of knowledge encompassing a vast array of subjects, from Indian classical music and arts to literature, self-help, psychology, science, spirituality, and more. Our collection houses thousands of books, each a doorway to new realms of understanding and imagination. We have curated this diverse library with the goal of not only providing access to the finest literature but also fostering a deep love for reading among the people of India. Through this repository of wisdom, we aim to expand horizons, nurture intellectual curiosity, and celebrate the joy of learning. Our library stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving culture, knowledge, and the transformative power of the written word, creating a world where reading is cherished and cherished.

Preserving the Future Through “Saaj Sambhal”:

The Veena Venu Art Foundation believes that “Saaj Sambhal” is not just about preserving the past; it’s about ensuring that the cultural wealth of India’s music endures for generations to come. By nurturing a sense of responsibility for our musical heritage, this initiative aims to inspire appreciation and creativity among aspiring musicians, fostering a deeper connection to India’s rich musical traditions.

In conclusion, “Saaj Sambhal” represents a commendable effort by the Veena Venu Art Foundation to safeguard, celebrate, and share the treasures of India’s musical heritage. By cherishing old and rare instruments, preserving ancient musical manuscripts, and archiving the music of maestros, this initiative is making a vital contribution to the preservation and perpetuation of India’s musical legacy. Through “Saaj Sambhal,” the foundation is nurturing a legacy that resonates not only in the present but also in the hearts and minds of future generations.

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