Virasat Vistar: Nurturing a Cultural Legacy for All

Virasat Vistar is a prestigious initiative by the Veena Venu Art Foundation, dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Indian Classical Music. Through this initiative, we undertake a multifaceted approach to enriching lives and fostering a deep connection with the musical heritage of India.

Kids’ Comics:

We take great pride in presenting captivating and enlightening comics, meticulously designed to introduce individuals of all ages to the splendor of Indian musical heritage. Our comics serve as a gateway to a world of melodious exploration.

Children’s  Musical Story Books:

In a pioneering effort -first time within India, we publish children’s storybooks teeming with content about Indian music and Indian classical music. These books are thoughtfully crafted to ignite a profound love and appreciation for the world of Indian music across generations.

Publication of Musical Books:

With immense pride, we introduce an exclusive series of Indian Classical musical workbooks through our esteemed publication house, Lokgatha Prakashan. This groundbreaking endeavor marks a significant milestone in the realm of Indian musical education. Notably, our flagship creation, “Musical Batata,” is designed to enhance the enjoyment of music while fostering logical, creative, and analytical thinking for learners of all ages.

Musical Batata: Pioneering India’s Musical Education Landscape

“Musical Batata” is an innovative initiative spearheaded by Veena Venu Art Foundation, marking a historic milestone as the first of its kind in India. This groundbreaking endeavor redefines musical education in the country.

Designed under the visionary guidance of Dr.Radhika Veenasadhika Director of Veena Venu, “Musical Batata” is a bespoke course workbook that revolutionizes the approach to learning music. It seeks to enhance the enjoyment of music while nurturing logical, creative, and analytical thinking. With “Musical Batata,” the Veena Venu Art Foundation has set a precedent, introducing a unique and transformative educational tool that stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing the realm of Indian music education.

Indian Classical Musical Games:

Our repertoire extends to innovative board games, including the captivating “Deageetam.” These ingeniously designed games serve as delightful tools to kindle the joy of Indian classical music in a recreational context, appealing to enthusiasts of all ages.

Veena Venu Merchandise – Musical T-shirts and Clothing:

Explore our specially curated Veena Venu merchandise, featuring a distinctive range of musical T-shirts and clothing. Immerse yourself in the world of Indian classical music through our unique and stylish apparel, specially designed for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

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