Upcoming Workshops
In order to develop understanding of Music,Veena Venu Art Foundation is bringing 2, 3 and 8 days online workshops for Musical Instruments and Vocal. These workshops are for everyone who wants to explore new instruments and start learning Music.(vocal or instruments).
Our objectives are..
1.Students should be well versed with the basics of music.
2.They should be able to identify and understand an instrument.
3. Students should be able to understand vocal music.
4. Students should know how to sit when playing an instrument or singing.
5. To be able to know how to hold the instrument.
6. How to do breathing for vocal.
7. How to produce swar (for vocal and instrument)
8. How to sing or play alankar
9. How to do Riyaz
10. How to learn advanced music
We will also provide e learning and listening modules.
Workshop dates are 28th 29th and 30th May 2021 for all subjects
 Vocal workshop will get start from 28th of may and will end in 4 weeks as it is every week 2 days and each day 1 hour .
Timing will be shared to every participant in message . (batch time will be based in first come first serve basis)
To register Please fill this form and do the payment (Registration will be completed only after workshop fee payment )
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Events :

 We have organized near by 200 events in past few years here are 

Names of few events conducted in past and in 2020

Swaravali Sangeetotsava, Dharohar2014,Dharohar 2016 , Sangeetotsava , Singing bird competition and organizes regular series of Swar Samvad .Ulhas, Shrdhha 2020, Expert series season 1 ,Dharohar – Rare Music instrument concert 2020 ,Manthan- A discussion on artist during Covid 19,Ab to bol,Expert series season 2,Sankalp-  A mission for the welfare of Indian artists-workshops& concerts ,Ek sham corona se dur,Astauprahar, Chai ki chuski aur suron ki kashti, Shbdatmika Festival dedicated to Women Musicians ,women writers ,Internal competitions, and projects…

 Events to take place in 2021

Women Scholarship program ,Expert series season 3, Summer camps ,Sankalp 2021  series ,Ulhas 2021 , Shraddha 2021 ,Bodh 2021 ,Durga Samman 2021 , Indian Music Awareness events and campaign, IMAC, Navratri Special Program,  Sankalp workshop , Master class workshop ,Barkha Ritu .