The Art of Veena – Veena Course

The veena is among the oldest of Indian musical instruments. Earlier every string instrument was named
as Veena.From the references to Vedic writings, it can date back to around the first millennium B.C.
Temple sculptures show us a variety of Veenas being played in early times. Without Veena Vadan no
Yagnya was completed. In ancient times there were many types of Veena like Kinnri, Laghu Kinnari,
Chitra, Shattantri, Kacchpi, Ghosha or Ghoshika, Mattkokila,Vipanchi. New-age teaching methodologies
have effectively distanced younger music enthusiasts from our own traditional instrument. In Veena
Venu Art Foundation one can learn all kinds of Veena like Vichitra Veena, Rudra Veena, Saraswati Veena,
Mayuri Veena, Mohan Veena. Our prime motive is to bring our youths and people back to our own
Instruments, our Veenas, and save our rich heritage.

Veenas taught in this course:

    • Saraswati veena, Rudra Veena, Mohan Veena, Vichitra Veena, Mayuri Veena

Who Can learn?

    • Anyone wants to learn Veena or wants to explore veena/s or Indian classical music.

Where Can you learn?

    • This course/Program is both Offline and Online. Please contact us for more details.

Who will teach?

    • Dr.Radhika Veenasadhika expert and first lady Vichitra Veena player and a maestro of
      music with 25+Years of teaching experience. She along with Foundation’s gurus will teach

Duration of course/program :

    • 1 Year Basic, 2 Years Intermediate and minimum 2 years advanced level

      For first year

    • Counseling
    • Goalsetting
    • Niyamas or Lifestyle rules for better growth in music
    • Sitting posture with instrument
    • Yoga and meditation for playing veena
    • Listening skills
    • What is tanpura?
    • How to pluck strings of veena
    • How to play Swaras on veena
    • How to play Alankars on veena
    • Understanding of raags
    • How to play 2 to 3 raags on veena
    • Understanding of taal
    • 4 to 5 taals
    • How to play Classical compositions in raags on veena
    • Theoretical knowledge of veena and music

      For intermediate level

    • Students will get immense control on her/his veena and techniques
    • Exercises of taans and paltas in at least 5 different raags
    • Compositions(Gat) in 5-7 raags
    • Introduction to Vilambit Gat
    • Introduction of self improvisation in 2nd year of the program
    • Introduction of creation of taans and paltas
    • Introduction of Dhun (tunes) in 1st year(how to play dhun , learn 3-4 dhuns)
    • Introduction of songs in both years ( 5-7 bollywood songs with the understanding of voice modulation,
      and techniques to make your instrument sing)

      For Advance level

    • Deep understanding of aalap/swar vistar
    • Bols,aalap in vilambit gat, upaj, different taans in vilambit gat
    • Madhya and drut gat vadan with different and fast taans
    • Deep understanding of 5-6 raags with difficult and unique compositions
    • Advance level techniques like 3-4 swar meends , gamak, krintan, jamjama and much more
    • Learning to play folk and other styles of music on your instrument
    • Atleast 8-10 gats in different raags
    • We will conduct 2 semester’s exam and one final exam to test all taught in each year accordingly
      the certificate shall be provided to the students at the end of the program with graduation.
    • We are affiliated to different universities if students want to give exam and get outside certificate also he/she
      needs to take extra classes and be prepared for that from us.
Fee Structure
Per session 700 INR 
Minimum advance Payment of 25 sessions 
17499 INR 
If paid 50 session discount is applicable 
Fee will be 29999 INR