Music Appreciation Course – Course Name – Stuti

Students undergoing this course will get to learn the basics of Indian classical music, the fundamentals
of Indian classical music by first understanding the swars ,raag and taal, ways of expressing music
besides getting to learn different styles. Students shall learn the basic theory of Indian Classical Music.
A little bit more understanding about raag, performance styles, and gharanas of music shall also be

Who Can Join?

    • Anyone who wants to have an understanding of Music, knows music and appreciates Music.

Where Can you Learn This?

    • This course is both Offline/Online. For more details please contact us.

Who will teach?

    • Dr.Radhika Veenasadhika expert and first lady Vichitra Veena player and a maestro of music with 25+
      Years of teaching experience. Both she and gurus of foundation shall be teaching.

Duration of Course/Program:

    • 3 Months. Mode: Workshop Mode Course.
  • Basic understanding of swars, 6-8 raags,taal, lay, rhythm
  • Introduction to different styles and gharanas of Indian classical music
  • Basic understanding of Aalap,taan,and compositions
  • Listening sessions to enhance, analyze, and understand gayan/vadan
  • Activities and projects
    • 2 semester’s exam and one final exam, Certification will be given of Course completion and grade