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Veena Venu Art Foundation Revolutionizes Music Education with Trailblazing Approach, Championed by Dr. Radhika Veenasadhika

In a momentous leap forward, Veena Venu Art Foundation unveils a groundbreaking initiative that promises to redefine the landscape of music education not just within India but on a global scale. Spearheaded by the visionary Dr. Radhika Veenasadhika, this transformative endeavor introduces an innovative and meticulously crafted methodology that seamlessly integrates storytelling, characters, and cartoons into educational materials, ushering in…

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Unmasking the Scam: Superficial Teaching of Raags and Songs in Music !

Introduction: Prepare to have your eyes opened to a distressing reality lurking within the realm of Indian classical music. A cunning scam has emerged, deceiving students into learning raags and songs without truly grasping the foundational principles and depth of this revered art form. Brace yourself as we uncover the consequences that unfold when individuals succumb to this fraudulent approach,…

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Unveiling the Illusion: Extra Curricular Activities as a Detour in the Western Education System

The Deceptive Perception of ECAs: Within the Western education system, extra-curricular activities are often perceived as non-essential and relegated to the status of mere “add-ons.” They are frequently considered distractions from the primary focus of academic studies. This misguided perception perpetuates the belief that pursuing creative interests is a deviation from the core purpose of education. It fails to acknowledge…

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