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    Clients Say


    Here’s something I would like to say about them (Veena Venu)
    1. Credibility – You can easily trust them for any kind of music or performing arts education
    2. Versatility – They offer a wide range of instruments to learn as well as a wide range of Vocal styles to learn along with all the other performing arts
    3. Qualification – The Faculty is not only very well qualified but they are maestros and performing artists themselves.
    4. Programs – You have the ability to choose from a wider range of programs (that is courses) for all the arts. There are many programs for music as well.
    5. Teaching method – Why I personally like them is because of their teaching method , I truly feel that their teaching method makes them different from all and keeps us connected to them . It’s fun , it’s informative, it’s unique.
    6. Rules – Just like any other institution, they do follow a set of rules for their functioning and the same are shared with us at the time of joining itself .
    7. Opportunities – If you are good at music and are dedicated & sincere , worry not , you shall be given opportunities to perform by them.

    Hrishti Obhan

    I feel that this is a very divine place. Whenever i look at Dr. Radhika ma’am, i feel like god has given her so many talents and i feel surprised to see such a sweet person created by god. To learn under the guidance of radhika maam is a very big thing and i found mysef lucky to learn under her.
    – SudhaRani Yangal

    Divine Place and Divine Music

    If you have ever planned to see yourself evolve as a musician not only singing wise but also understanding the huge segment of composing good music then Veena Venu art foundation is the correct place where you can see your dreams concreting to reality.

    Abhijith Varma

    Musical Instruments

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