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    Clients Say

    If you have ever planned to see yourself evolve as a musician not only singing wise but also understanding the huge segment of composing good music then Veena Venu art foundation is the correct place where you can see your dreams concreting to reality.

    Abhijith Varma

    The connections felt are real. The teacher, Mrs Radhika tries her best to demonstrate the beautiful depth of Indian classical music. I had been learning the Mohan Veena for a few years prior to joining Veena Venu Foundation. I am trying my best to develop my creative sense and Mrs. Radhika is an inspiring person to lead the way for more students like me interested in this field. I would certainly recommend giving it a try, even if you want to be acquainted with some soulful music.


    Before joining the class I never knew what music was. When I joined I came to know about music. I am learning vichitra veena and vocal here. Vichitra veena is a rare instrument used in hindustani music. Dr. Radhika ma’am has done a PHD in this field. She is the only lady in the world to play this instrument. When I see her I get motivated to do a career in this field. When I am with her in class I get immense knowledge from her about music. She is the best Guru in this world.


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